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TecArt Performance is geared for those who want to push their cars to the limit!



The company TecArt Performance in Zagreb, Croatia specializes in software tuning, engine conversions and modifications of all hardware, such as high pressure pumps, intake and exhaust systems, turbochargers and compressor wheels. We have been active in the field of chip tuning since 2013. At the beginning we only did this as a hobby on our own vehicles. With the development of our software versions, some 100,000 km have already been tested. So far, completely without any consequential damage from the tuning.

Why should you absolutely choose TecArt Performance to optimize your vehicle? Close and friendly customer service has always been and is extremely important to us - we are constantly working on long-term customer loyalty. We advise each customer individually and are happy to respond to special requests. If, contrary to expectations, there should subsequently be a problem with the vehicle or other concerns, we will be happy to help. We guarantee that even after the tuning, we will do everything in our power to increase your satisfaction. During our opening hours you can reach us on our homepage, Facebook, Instagram or by phone - we will help you wherever we can. For example, if your car is to be sold and therefore reset to the standard performance, we will do this for you free of charge. 

We do not offer you ''off the shelf'' tuning files that are taken from a third-party database with prefabricated data sets, but rather coordinate each vehicle in a user-defined manner. All of our data sets are produced individually during development drives on the road. The focus is on durability and stability in everyday use. Focus on vehicles from the VAG and BMW Group but also from all other vehicle manufacturers. In the case of software optimization, changes are made to various maps and, if necessary, individual adjustments to various parameters of the engine and transmission (with DSG, S-Tronic and BMW automatic) in order to achieve an optimal and clearly noticeable result.


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