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June 20, 2023

Audi RS3 2.5TFSI (DAZA)

This bone stock Audi RS3 8V was delivered to us seeking a safe and reliable tune. Without any upgraded parts, it made a best of 400hp and 492Nm @ flywheel with factory tune file. 
TecArt tune was custom calibrated on dyno, with low boost settings and peak power is up by 50hp and 146Nm, whilst mid range picked up a staggering 60hp. Driving it now is more challenging than ever 😁

Stock: 400hp / 492Nm

Tuned: 450hp / 636Nm

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


February 13, 2023

BMW M3 F80 3.0 BiTurbo

Whilst the standard M3 performance is excellent we knew we could develop the car further. At 1,5bar of boost on 100RON pump gas we have 539hp with massive 749Nm of torque. At the same time as fitting the new exhaust we also took the opportunity to install Haas lowering springs before heading over to customer.

Stock: 431hp / 550Nm

Tuned: 539hp / 749Nm

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


May 29, 2022

Audi TT 1.8T Quattro

This Audi TT is made as an ultimate response engine. The last of the old school, non direct injection engines. Engine stroked to 2.0L, with forged internals is rev happy like a much... VEMS controlled, with all the bells and whistles. Nitrous capable, ALS and NLS system, lambda control and all the imaginable features for race... All in all this car is absolute beast!

Tuned: 660hp @ 2,3bar

100-200km/h: 6,36sec

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


February 18, 2018

Saab 9-3 Aero 2.3 Turbo

The idea was to use a Saab to race, which is a very reliable choice! F28 6-speed gearbox coupled to Saab engine block and added a Garrett GT28RS turbo! Trionic 5 was tuned and we get a massive 372hp out from bone stock 2.3 liter Saab engine on pump gas! We even went a step further by mapping the car on the E85 as well, which showed 402hp!

Stock: 230hp / 370Nm

Tuned: 372hp / 523Nm 

E85 Tuned: 402hp / 544Nm

100-200km/h: 7,7sec

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


June 18, 2023

VW Golf 7 GTI Performance

It was that good the tuning session ended with it being tuned to just give the turbo that additional chance of lasting a few more years.  We were at 317hp during tuning, the set-up just wanted to perform. The hardware package just works so well with an IS38 and sounds absolutely amazing without sounding like a tractor. The highlight of the set-up has to be the downpipe with decat,  resonated,  non valved exhaust system and HG Motorsport intake!  It ticks every box!

Stock (DP + CAI): 237hp / 359Nm
Tuner X: 277hp / 388Nm
Tuned: 317hp / 463Nm

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


January 1, 2023

Mercedes OM605 2.5TD

When talking about diesel tuning, old Mercedes diesel engines are among the first to come to mind. We used the already legendary OM605 as the base, added a 7.5mm Dieselmeken pump and a huge Holset HX35 Super hybrid turbo. Power is transmitted via our custom clutch set. The result is a whopping 452 hp and 706 Nm at 2.9 bar of boost.

Tuned: 452hp / 706Nm

100-200km/h: 8,52sec

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


January 21, 2020

BMW M4 3.0 ClubSport

M4 CS has arrived at the tuning directly from Akrapovic. We made xHP custom gearbox remap and custom engine remap. Engine is tuned to the smallest detail, thus extracting a brutal 540hp, and with the map of the gearbox, we only made fast gearbox even faster!

Stock: 454hp / 600Nm

Tuned: 540hp / 730Nm

100-200km/h: 6,56sec

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


November 8, 2021

Alfa 159 2.4JTDM

This beauty is equipped with a custom hybrid turbo, bigger IC, 6 pad sinter clutch and free flow exhaust. The task was to get a bit over 300hp! Our mission was complete with 2,0 bar of boost and we pulled out 304hp of that engine!

Stock: 207hp / 400Nm

Tuned: 304hp / 626Nm

100-200km/h: 14,5sec

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


June 8, 2023

VW Golf 2.0 GTI (BWA)

Just a standard BWA forged engine with few improvements making 482hp @ 2,0 bar of boost.

Stock: 200hp / 280Nm

Tuned: 482hp / 492Nm

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


October 17, 2022

BMW 335i ''Track Racer''

It is always special feeling when you tune a proper race car built by true enthusiasts. It was so much pleasure and fun during tuning of these beast with still ''bone stock'' engine. Currently running at 1,6 bar of boost we are hitting massive 385hp without much stress for these ''first gen'' N54 engine.

Stock: 293hp / 412Nm

Tuned: 385hp / 584Nm

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


April 19, 2020

Mercedes C63S AMG

All the way from Switzerland, AMG has arrived for tuning. This time it is a 2016 Mercedes AMG C63S Coupe. C63S is bone stock except a built-in RENNtech EVM (Exhaust Valve Module). On Mustang AWD dyno bone stock AMG hits with 526.9hp and 756.4Nm! After a full 13 hours of tuning it showed 588.5hp and 905.1Nm

Stock: 510hp / 700Nm

Tuned: 589hp / 905Nm

100-200km/h: 6,23sec

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance


March 17, 2022

Seat Leon FR 2.0TFSI

At 1.75 bar of boost we hit 397hp! That's nothing special, it's just a regular Stage 3 tuning for us. Engine is fully forged with pretty common turbo these days... CTS K04-064 Hybrid! Injection system is fully upgraded with Dynodrome kit. The truth is that we even hit 442hp on these setup but we had to lower the boost due clutch slip...

Stock: 200hp / 280Nm

Tuned: 397hp / 528Nm

100-200km/h: 8,47sec

Tecart Long black.png

TecArt Performance

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