TecArt's DSG upgrade enhances the driving experience by improving the response and limits of the gearbox, making the most of your TecArt Performance software. In normal driving conditions your gear shifts will be a refined improvement yet keeping all your vehicles drive-ability. Whilst when you require performance the software will allow higher shift points and faster responsive, giving you vehilce a true performance improvement.


DSG Stage 2 software for this vehilce is designed for TecArt Stage 2 & Stage 3 engine Performance Software


Sports Mode
- Up/Down shift mapping has been Improved
- Raised upshift limit 

- Designed for performance
- Improved Shift times
- Gear Shift Indicator (gear display is turned on - if applicable)


Launch Control
- Launch Control enabled
- Launch set at optimised rpm's for each car
- Upshift points in launch control mode have been raised to help optimize the full potential of the engine


Drive Mode
- Smoother gear changes
- Improved response
- Maximum shift point increase
- Gear changes based on load and throttle position rather than set points


Manual Mode
- Automatic shift is disabled
- Kick-down disabled
- Full control to driver
- Full potential of your vehicles performance


- Increased torque limit
- All limits within safety tolerances
- Enhances drive-ability
- Allows full protenial of TecArt Performance software

DSG / S-Tronic Stage 2 Tuning File

  • When you order the DSG Stage 2 Tuning File, please provide us TCU ID and original file at our email. This will create a chain between you and your tuner until you get the performance you want.