This Service is for calibration of your Adaptronic/Haltech/Speeduino/Megasquirt/Hondata/eCtune
ECUs Fuel/Ignition/Boost maps for full power. 


This service does have some limitations:

* 1.1 bar on pump gas fuel
* 1.8 bar on water/meth + pump gas fuel
* 2.1 bar on E85
* 2.1 bar on Race gas

What is included in this service:

1 Hour of engine first start service
Confirming the appropriate basemap was loaded
Confirming your ECU has the most updated firmware
Confirming/Calibrating all sensors to confirm they are functioning correctly
Confirming/Setting the base fuel pressure
Troubleshooting first start problems - confirming rpm, spark, fuel 
Tuning the cranking maps to get that first start
Guiding you through confirming the base timing 
Tuning the VE table to your application at idle (essentially tune 1 of the 1-10 tune service - note if you purchase the 1-10 tune package this gets you a 11th tune)
* 5-8 tune files before dyno
* 3 hours of dyno time
*2 -5 tune files after the dyno

*Note if dyno time takes more than 3 hours its 150€ per hour 

The 5-8 files before the dyno are designed to create a decent basemap before the dyno and rule out any issues. If you car is having issues and falls outside of the 5-8 files it is 35€ per file after the first 8.

ECU Full Power Tune (1 Fuel)

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  • When you order tune, please provide us with infos about engine and mods.