Our Stage 2 software has been fully designed and calibrated to work with upgraded hardware, such as an Intercooler, air intake system and a turbo-back exhaust with high flow Catalytic Converter or even de-cat.

TecArt offers some of the most substantial performance increases on the market, however, only the driven know that peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during TecArt’s development process; it’s all about the performance. TecArt Performance offers a perfect balance of performance, economy and engine longevity.

TecArt Performance ECU Software gives you much more than just an increase in power and torque. A large part of development is based on driving scenarios and feedback; our calibration doesn’t just offer great dyno curves and peak power/torque figures but an exhilarating driving experience. Expect smooth and refined response at low RPM & partial throttle, with huge gains at wide-open throttle and throughout the whole rev range.

Stage 2 Software: 
- Free airflow intake

- Hybrid Turbo (diesel only)
- Full exhaust or decat choice for race use
- Intercooler installation (where is required)
- Stage 2 Software upgrade
- Vmax off
- Swirl flap / DPF / EGR delete (where is required)

Optional feautures:
- Launch control
- Antilag
- Pop N Bang
- Flat Foot Shift


For an extra charge:
- Multimap
- Knock Warning


DPF EGR Delete is FREE!


Extra Features like LC, NLS, Antilag, Throttle booster, left foot braking, crackles etc (with stage file are free up to 2 feature) - not available at all files 

TecArt Stage 2 Tuned File

  • When you order the Stage 2 Tuning File, please provide us ECU ID, original file, data logs, parts thats installed and optional feautures (if you want them) at our email. This will create a chain between you and your tuner until you get the performance you want.