Here at TecArt Performance we offer engine building and rebuilding services based upon your specific needs and goals. We transfer our motorsport experience into street car builds resulting in long life engines consistently operating at their peak level of performance.

The parts used in our builds are top of the line products, our technology is proven and the results are consistent. And to back it all up, we are proudly providing a 2 year warranty on every engine that comes out of our shop.

- Lighter and balanced crank
- Forged and balanced pistons with Cerakote ceramic protection
- Forged and balanced conrods with ARP bolts
- ARP head studs
- High performance head gasket
- King Racing high performance bearings
- Cerakote ceramic protected cylinder head and valves
- Fully built head

- 12mm Oil pump

- Supertech Valve Springs
- 1 year warranty with our tune

- Rally Tested

With this high upgraded engine you will get the most reliable and powerfull combination on the market! 

Subaru EJ205 / EJ207 2.1L Crate Stroker Race Engine 500hp Reliable

  • You may see that our engine has some different specs than other engines in the market. From our racing experience we like to balance every rotating componets in the engine. Balnaced engine operates more smoothly and last longer! Also we like to put ceramic protection on the pistons, cylinder head and valves. Ceramic coat helps to increase wear resistance, reduce friction, and improve heat shielding. That's the difference between us and other tuning companies, we care about building details of the every engine! And that's why we can give warranty to customer for every engine that we build!

  • When you order engine, please provide us with infos about year make and model of your car