Intercooler dedicated to BMW cars with N54 and N55 engines up to 700HP, 80% larger than the factory-fitted intercooler.


IC is equipped with 3D-molded aluminum sides, which significantly improves heat absorption and air flow. The cores of BMW's dedicated intercoolers are much denser on the outside, allowing heat to dissipate more easily without losing airflow through the intercooler. Installation in a car does not require cutting the bumper, but requires cutting the plastic cover behind the bumper. Each intercooler is checked for tightness under high pressure. Our radiators fit left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) car models.


Core dimensions: 500x140x180 


Inlet diameters:
- 68mm internal
- 79mm external 


Our intercoolers are the only ones in Europe, the efficiency of which has been checked up to 7 bar – they are capable of withstanding such a high pressure without any damages or distortions.

TecArt BMW 135i / 335i N54 N55 Stage 2 Intercooler