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Stage 3 remaps are the most technically complex ECU remaps (excluding bespoke packages) and can be carried out on cars with hybrid turbo (or big turbo setups), high-pressure fuel pumps, low-pressure fuel pumps etc. Stage 3 as a custom tune is calibrated precisely for the particular car that we have on our dyno, to tune your vehicle to perfectly suit your driving style and desired performance, turning virtually any car into a finely tuned racing machine.


Requirements for Stage 3:

* Big Turbo (or Hybrid turbo)

* Upgraded fuel system (injectors, pumps etc.)

* Free flow exhaust system

* Upgraded intercooler

* Agressive Camshafts


*NOTE: Anything that is not factory on the car and needs to be tuned is basically a Stage 3 tune (except calibratin MAF and MAP sensors).

TecArt Custom Stage 3 Remap @ DYNO